Car Rider Information


Dear Parents,

For South Creek to implement a safe and efficiant car rider system please follow the instructions below:

  1. Two car rider visor signs will be given to each car rider family.  To pick up your child in our car rider line, each vehicle MUST HAVE one of these signs placed on their visor on the passenger side of the car.  Without this sign, the driver will be directed to go to the front of the building and retrieve their student(s) in the office.
  2. In the loading zone, pull as far forward as possible before stopping to pick up or drop off your child.  All drivers need to wait until directed by SC staff to exit the car-rider area. 
  3. For safety reasons, only allow students in and out on the side of your car that is closest to the sidewalk (right side).
  4. For drop-off in the mornings, we unload cars from 8:40-8:50.  Instruction begins at 8:50. If you arrive at at the school after the bell rings at 8:50, please walk your child into the front office and sign them in.  Do not drop your child off at the front doors. This area is designated for bus traffic.
  5. For pick-up in the afternoons, car riders will be waiting outside in a group with their grade level.  Parents will need to get out of their cars to retrieve student(s). Pick-up is from 3:50-4:00 pm except for Wednesdays.  On Wednesdays, pick-up is from 3:20-3:30 pm.  You will need permission from Wendy Myers in order to pick your child up in the office.  If you need to be somewhere directly after dismissal, please plan to arrive in the car rider line early.
  6. For bad weather during afternoon pick-up time, students will be located in the hallway in front of the cafeteria and will be called out as the parents arrive.